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LAST CHANCE is a high speed, high intensity shmup. The mouse control and lower fps (45) come from the fact that this was originally designed as a browser/mobile game. I liked the precision of that control scheme so much that I kept it even once I abandoned the mobile/browser game idea. I designed it's challenge and fast pace almost solely around that.

This is a work in progress build with only several completed levels - use the debug menu in the main options to access the later (unfinished) stages.

Note: as this a Game Maker 8 game, it does not have native gamepad support so you will have to use a program like Joy2Key for that. Mouse control is the recommended option by far, however.

Play - each stage is divided into 2 sections, the first having a random sub-boss and the next having a boss unique to that stage. Enemies will spawn in short waves based on your ship's current position. Your bonus multiplier goes up as you clear each wave; but resets to 0 upon dying.

Bombs must be used on the spot - touching will activate them.

Controls - with the default control scheme (Mouse 1), your ship will fire up and down depending on it's current vertical position. Mouse 2 and Key control settings let you shoot up or down with separate buttons. Some ships may also fire left or right depending on your horizontal position as well.

Difficulty Settings - these aren't so much difficulty settings so much as rough ideas for separate game modes tweaking various things. Original uses Compile style capsules (requiring several to be collected) for powerups while the others use more standard ones. "Relaxed" is the recommended of these; but doesn't necessarily fit it's name.

Ships -

Ruby- normal forward shot, shoots directly up or down
Sapphire- Double shot that alternates left or right depending on horizontal position
Emerald-Twin seeking shot targets enemies automatically
Amethyst-Spread fire narrows and widens depending on vertical positioning
Opal- Uses an experimental zig-zagging shot pattern (WIP)


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