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Versions 2_7_17 (both games) add toggles for enemy bullet animations and an option to darken the background - hopefully aiding visibility issues.

(thanks to Mommy'sBestGames for the suggestion/feedback)

Hi Gryzor - really love it so far! Just quick question - is the title screen supposed to have any music or SFX? It's silent until I begin a game. Windows10, Atom X5 Z8300 (Cherry Trail), 4GB RAM, seems to run without any problems on Intel integrated graphics on this processor.

Yeah it isn't, just didn't have any extra music to go there. -_-

I'm super indecisive about that kinda thing anyways. Like, should it be punchy and grab your attention immediately or be quiet/calm while the player peruses various options? (That sort of thing.)

Ah great - thanks for confirming, and apologies for the dumb question. It definitely makes it more impactful when the sound kicks in upon starting a game. I really love your aesthetic, and your overall mecha design is really compelling - just the right amount of chunky, with lovely detailing. Would there be any plan for a future update with things like different visual effects for bombs from each ship? Dare we even hope for new ships? G/Y are awesome enough though!

Probably not; but the game I'm making next (a 'remake' of XYX, which was never finished) has a decent variety of ships to choose from - one of the new additions I'm planning is unique bomb types for each.

New content for FAX isn't out the question, though... I just need some distance from it first. Glad you enjoy it, btw. :)

Ah that's cool - I really liked the XYX demo, so will look forward to purchasing the finished game. Good luck with it, and thank you!

Fire Arrow v2_2_17 now correctly saves key rebinds and also fixes an issue with the bind menu.