A downloadable game for Windows

(Built in GM8 and Game Maker Studio)

Made in a month (June 2017) for a game jam, this is really just the basic idea for a game; but I've made it as polished and functional as possible. There are no config menus, AV options, rebindable keys etc. but I may add them later if there is enough demand.

PPP is a simple. single screen tank shooter. All you must do is survive until the timer runs out to pass to the next round, scoring as many points as you can. Upon completing all rounds, the game loops, increasing potential scoring but also making things a bit trickier. Upon looping, you may gain an extra life if you currently have less than 3.


Turret movement - the turret locks at 45 degree increments. Pressing one of the assigned keys for aiming will move the turret from its current angle towards that destination, meaning aiming is fast but not quite instantaneous.


  •  A- aim left
  • Q aim up-left
  • W- aim up
  • E-aim up-right
  • D-aim right
  • S- manual fire
  • L Arrow- move tank left
  • R Arrow- move tank right
  • Enter - pause game

  • X-aim left
  • LB -aim up-left
  • Y-aim up
  • RB -aim up-right
  • B - aim right
  • A - manual fire
  • LStick - move tank left or right
  • Start - pause game
Gamepad (Alt)

  • RStick - Aim turret and autofire
  •  (note that this will fire at a slower rate than the manual fire keys when pressed rapidly)



PPP_bhamgamejam_70217.zip 7 MB


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